Text 19 Jul All’s well that ends well

You won’t see new posts on this blog.

Never mind, other things are coming.

Need time.

Thank you all, and farewell.

Video 22 Jun 2,815 notes

Rainbow in your hands

a simple brilliant project by Masashi Kawamura

Video 31 May

From tourist to traveller

Overturning the stereotypes to promote a new form of informed tourism

Video 28 May

La mia città (raccontata dai cartelli stradali e da Instragram)

Photo 24 May 1 note To save the environment, bottles you can eat?

To save the environment, bottles you can eat?

Video 15 May

Esselunga and its ‘funny-double-sense-image-on-a-white-board’ are back!

Another campaign, still the same style: Esselunga, an Italian department stores chain, has one of the most famous visual language, created by a double sense between a certain theme and its products.

Now, after horoscope, famous people and other funny and lucky subjects, it’s the music turn.. long live simple super-recognizable pop visual!

Video 8 May 1 note

Oh shit, how do you say it in English?

Beer - Bear - Beard

Sheep - Ship - Chip

Rat - Hat - Hatch

This is becoming one of my favourite campaigns ever! A great visual, the image really expresses what happens in your mind when you’re learning english.. love it!

Video 17 Apr 3 notes

Incredibly still stupid.. More, more stupid on planet Earth!

Video 16 Apr 23 notes

Make kids, not war!


No really, make love not war.

Photo 13 Apr Tipp experience 2! Bear & hunter are back!

Tipp experience 2! Bear & hunter are back!

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